Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Have you ever read this story? This story reminds me to keep my priorities in check. Working on re-figuring some of my "rocks"... be back soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What lurks in the shadows of Family Fun Night....?

This week for Family Fun Night, get lost in the shadows! Creating your own shadow puppets is a wonderful family activity. This ancient form of entertainment is sure to get the whole family involved.
Brownie Shadows:
1. Make a batch of your favorite brownies
2. Use Christmas gingerbread men cookie cutters to cut out shadows
3. Enjoy the deliciousness of your shadows!

(Thanks Google for images!)

Puppet show:
Either make your own shadow puppets (get templates here) or create good old fashion hand puppets (see chart below.) Adjust the lighting to get solid shadows along a blank wall or white sheet. Get the whole family involved in creating a story, let your shadows bring your stories to life!

(puppet images via pin)

Shadow Hunt:
cut out "animal shadows" out of dark construction paper, place around your home let your children go wild on their shadow hunt!

Splurge:Capture and display your children's "shadows" forever. Purchase a digital profile and frame to display your wee ones shadows proudly. For all the details click  HERE!

** From your small infant to the inner child of your wonderful spouse, children of ALL ages enjoy shadow gazing!

May you lurk in the shadows more often!

** See last week's family fun night idea here!
Thought I would share one of my favorite images....I keep this in my office. I love the that their shadows tell a story and reveal the innocent youth of their souls, and of course serves as a reminder that you are never to old to dance! This image makes me happy!

Learn more of this image here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Have a bright week-end....

Each week-end I try to make hot breakfast for my family. After the week long hustle and bustle, it's nice to have a slow morning around the table together. I decided to add a bright note to a week-end classic...why not?!

May you have a colorful week-end!
** PS. I love to add fruit and veggie purees along with milled grains like spelt to my pancakes...a yummy way to sneak in nutrients!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little something crafty ...Mommy Time out!

Most of the crafts I post are crafts geared for your little ones or for you to do with you little ones. While you could do this craft with the kids, I suggest you give yourself a Mommy Time Out and do a little something crafty for yourself. I love all things garland. when I came across these felted garland pictures I knew instantly I had to make garland of my own. I am off to the craft supply to purchase my much needed materials, tonight when all are sleeping I will pop in a classic Jane Austin flick and make my own felted garland. I plan to make mine in shades of red, grey, and mustard yellow so I can use it both for my little Liam's vintage plane party and for Christmas!

Click here to learn how to make this simply perfect, felted garland!

 Make a beautiful strand of your own!

*** to see another Mommy Time Out idea click here!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food Fun...

Have a little fun with your food. Today's Food Fun, is homemade chocolate bowls! Remember, kids love to help ...your dessert will taste sweeter as you think of all the smiles involved in it's creation!
(pic. via pin)

1. dip balloons in melted chocolate
2. wait for chocolate to harden
3. pop balloon
4. serve ice cream or your favorite treat inside the bowl!

Don't forget the cherry on top!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Add a hint of Rustic to your Family Fun Night...

Sneak in one final summer camping trip. Set up camp in the comfort of your own home. Today's Family Fun Night is indoor camping!

set up a tent in the living room, or make a homemade tent using sheets, blankets strings.....anything! We hang t sheets in our the living room over the couches using string that we tie with thumb tacks to the wall. This creates a very large tent over the entire living room. Your kids will  have a lot of fun helping you to set up the homemade tent. Be sure to fill your tent with the camping essentials... sleeping bags and flashlights!

(both images via pin)
 Make a fake camp fire using craft materials. I like to gather rocks and sticks from the yard ( or better yet, let your kids gather them for you) and use orange and yellow tissue paper for the flames. Build your fire were you can all gather around. This is a great place for story telling and campfire songs!

Decorate the room with any plants you have in the house, and place stuffed animals behind the plants, as if they are playfully hiding.

Dinner: Tin foil Dinners
Wrap your favorite chopped veggies, protein options, and seasonings in foil, and toss into the oven. Bake at 350 degrees until fully cooked. A meal fit for the most experienced of campers!

Munch on your camping favorites, we always have popcorn and trail mix!

French S'mores
Find out how to add the Oooo La La factor to your S'mores  HERE
Go on a bug hunt. You can use glow in the dark plastic bugs,that can be found at your local toy store, or bug stickers, have your children walk around with flashlights to find the bugs!

Leaf Prints:
Gather leaves from your yard. Apply paint, or ink to the leaves and stamp onto paper. These leaf prints will make fabulous artwork for you to decorate your home for fall!

Gather around your campfire and share a story. Consider checking out a camping related book from your local library. I recommend;
  • Curious George Goes Camping
  • Dora's Camping Trip
  • Maisey Goes Camping
  • Matthew and Tall Rabbit Go Camping
  • Otto Goes to Camp
  • S Is for S'mores: A Camping Alphabet
Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspired Spaces....

We all do it, there is no avoiding it; might as well embrace it.!Today's inspired space is the laundry room! Washing your laundry in one of these spaces may make this everyday ordinary chore feel like loads of fun!

Can you imagine sorting your clothes in here!

Add vinyl decals directly onto your appliances for a splash of can change the design with your mood or season....I am thinking I found a new place to expand my Christmas decor!

Simple, clean, practical, very entertaining!

Great for small spaces

Beautiful built ins, love the color scheme....cheerful place to tackle that dirt

 Just feels Clean!
Love this DIY drying rack.....I think this will make it's way into my laundry space


 Love the folding table...I need one!

May every inch of your life be inspired!
(* images via pin)