Monday, August 1, 2011

WACKY Family Fun Night...

Have you noticed things have gotten a bit "wacky" around your house?  Inspired by Dr. Seuss's Wacky Wednesday,this week's Family Fun night is sure to break up the everyday mundane.We will be having our family fun night guessed it.....Wednesday this week...really you can have Family Fun Night, on any night you choose to.


Shake up the dinner hour by having a "Backwards meal." Serve your children dessert first! While I am not one to completely ruin a meal I suggest serving a bite size dessert like these bite size banana splits.
(Pic via pin.)
Slice banana into 3rds, dip bottom in chocolate sauce or soft ice-cream, then dip in sprinkles. Finish off with a squirt of whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Following dessert, serve up dinner with an extra side of wacky.....add colored mash potatoes to your menu!
(just add a drop or two of food coloring into your side dish!)

Create a bunch of "wackiness" around your home. Let your children find the 10 wacky things. Some wacky ideas include;
  • Dad wearing his dress shirt....backwards!
  • The pillows are on the wrong side of the bed!
  • The milk in the fridge is green!
  • A chair is on top of the table!
  • The toys are out of the toy box!
  • The laundry is folded inside the dryer!
  • There is only a spoon to eat dinner with!
  • The door bell rang....but no one was there ( make sure you put Daddy to work, Daddies are great at wacky tricks!)
** anything else you can think of.... It is really great to make routine things around your house.....your children great appreciate a chance to have a bit of silly in their normal routines.


Ask your children, and your spouse to share their wackiest idea of a perfect day. Learn what things your children really love, desire and dream about.....maybe you will find a wacky way to make some of their silly dreams come true!

** I played a similar game with some of my friend's children who were over for dinner the other night. I was thrilled when I asked them about their "perfect" day. Their answers were so delightful. One of the little guys said he would win a million dollars so he could buy a flat screen tv and a water bed for his room, then he would eat a Thanksgiving dinner....but not pumpkin pie....rather apple.... his mom had no idea he even liked apple you can guess what will be on her Thanksgiving menu this year! Really, this can be a wonderful way to learn more about those you love the most!......(I think she is still on the fence about the water bed...wink-wink!)

Wacky easy and fun to can buy all materials at dollar store! Even my 10 month old enjoys playing with them. Learn how to make them here!

Of course, your Wacky Family Fun Night could not be complete with out reading Dr. Suess's Wacky Wednesday!

If it is just you and your spouse you can still add a hint of wacky to your day, by having a "backwards meal" and sharing your wild idea of the perfect day.

If your children are too young for the wacky hunt, you can always read them the story. You can never be too young or too old to read a Dr. Suess classic!

May you have one WACKY week!

P.S. did you catch my whiff of wacky?!

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  1. This is wonderful! You have such creative ideas! Thanks for sharing your talents--me and my kiddos certainly benefit from it!

  2. This is TOO cute!! I'm a teacher and I'm going to bookmark this to do with my students on Dr. Seuss's birthday. They will love it. I'll have to remember to try this with my baby girl once she is old enough. What a cute blog. I'm following now! :)