Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do a little song and DANCE...

Want a fun way to get moving?? Turn on the radio and dance to your favorite jams. Dancing burns about 14.5 calories a minute (that is over 800 calories an hour!) In addition, dancing lifts your spirits and brightens your soul. Spending a few minutes dancing around your home each day is a great way to get yourself and your little ones moving, as well as create an outpouring of laughter! Here's to dancing your heart out!

* all pics via pin interest!

*Want to know what I am grooving to check it out here ( old school!)



  1. You can never go wrong getting your dance on with Madonna. Pretty much some of the best dance music ever made. Love the pics you chose. Dancing ladies are pretty ladies.

  2. I LOVE dancing with Ellie! It's our favorite thing to do! Thank you, BTW, for your super sweet comment on my blog post. It was great meeting you and I can't wait to read more of your blog! Meeting new blogger friends are awesome!

    ♡ Kyna


  3. I am definitely a big fan of dancing! And wow.. 800 calories an hour? That's intense! I need to dance more, haha.

    New Follower from Monkey Hop Monday!

    Brandi from Three Fabulous Mommies