Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My husband and I do a gentle "detox/ cleanse" quarterly (every three months.) Since initiating regular cleanses into our lifestyle neither my husband or myself have had so much as a simple cold for over 4 years! We detox strictly for health. For this reason we choose to use a cleanse that is not too restrictive and very gentle on our bodies and our lifestyle. I am not a fan of all juice cleanses, or extreme calorie restrictive cleanses. Remember, stress is not healthy on your body. Your body does not recognize stress of a restrictive cleanse as "healthy" stress, while stress from your busy schedule as "unhealthy stress."
To your body, stress is simply stress.. be kind to yourself!
While reading a recent nutrition publication from a popular medical institution, I came across a Jillian Michaels cleanse. Jillian promotes this cleanse to loose a quick 5lbs and shed water weight. The article expanded on this cleanse, stating it is great to shed water weight, but more importantly, your cells can release stored toxins along with the water. Therefore, improving your immediate and long term health.As it is time for our routine cleanse, we are taking a break from our normal detox and giving the fallowing cleanse a try. I say....drop a quick 5lbs. and improve your health.....sign me up!

** I am still nursing my son. Checked with my Dr. this cleanse is safe to do for nursing mommies!

Improved health will not only effect the quantity of life, but rather the quality. May you  thrive!


  1. This is awesome! I am nursing too! AND have been dying to try something that works while doing it. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Jazmin,

    It is so great that you are a nursing mommie! I hope this cleanse works well for you. We are starting our cleanse on Monday. In addition to this, we will add in 1 extra serving raw veggies each day, and cut out all dairy and all wheat for 1 week. My Dr. said that it is all just fine while nursing! Let me know how it goes!