Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting for Babes...

Want a great way to inspire young artist or a fun way to
practice writing letters with toddlers?? Place paint in a bag, use a Q-tip to write, draw, and create! A fun, simple and mess free project for young ones!



  1. This is one of my favorite things you've posted so far! I'm going to try this with my one year old this weekend. I know he'll probably gnaw it open with his razor sharp teeth the second I glance out the window, but it will be awesome the thirty seconds before that happens.

  2. MellyB....I am with you, I did this with my 10 month old and his little finger. We enjoyed minutes of pure creative bliss..Then, I had to use snacks to distract him...while our paint fun made it's exit! We had a great time, I am sure your little guy will have a ball!

  3. Thanks for the WONDERFUl comment on my blog, girl! You are quickly becoming my favorite "blogger world" friend! XO back at ya!

  4. Hi there :) Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I really appreciate it!

    Love this idea so much!!