Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have you polished your wond?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (HP VII  for those in the know) comes out Friday at midnight. I will not be attending the midnight showing as my wee one will be in a sweet slumber, and mommy needs rest. I will however, add a pinch of magic here and there to our day tomorrow.

 I am going to conjure up some wizarding world food and drink. I  will make these homemade English Muffins  (try them they are so yummy) and serve them with marmalade.... a breakfast fit for Hogwarts how they disappear before your eyes. Rest be assured my family will have an ample supply of butterbeer:

Easy butterbeer recipe
 • 8oz ginger ale or cream soda
• 2 tbsp. of butterscotch syrup
( I like to add cool whip for a frothy look!)

1. Mix in a tall glass or small
mug and serve over ice

To perfect our wizarding  ability I have posted a a few spells around the house!

WOO knows there may be an owl or two around the house!

We may go here to play Harry Potter Dress up!
Finally, we will attend a Harry Potter themed birthday party/  movie on the lawn party, in the evening ....I will share all the fun details on Friday.

 It is wonderful to see so many people excited over the product of literature. Playing up these "big" events are a great way to teach your children the joy of reading and imagination. I hope you and your children gather some twigs, and cast some spells, or ride your brooms in your backyard. The best magic, is the magic of sweet memories you create together!


Enjoy my favorite Harry Potter quote/ life motto:


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