Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Follow up on Tactile play...

A reader sent me an e-mail asking me what I put in my sensory box for my baby when he was between 6-10 months. I thought I would post an answer, as a lot of time we simply do not know what to do with our wee ones...hopefully this inspires a few of you to see all the possibilities for fun you can have right now with your little ones.

What to Put in your Sensory Box for babies:

- plastic ice-pack ( they love to feel the sensation of wet and cold.)
- cheerio type cereal ( heaven knows they use their sense of taste often)
- swatches of fabrics with different textures ( I got a foe fur, velvet, and tweed swatches)
- bubble wrap ( they find the crunching sound interesting)
- a fake feather from the craft store ( I clipped off the sharp end and glued a piece of felt on the bottom
so no sharp edges were exposed.)
- balls of all colors, textures and sizes
- cooked spaghetti noodles
- foam shapes ( or cut your own shapes out of felt.)
- bells ( Love to provoke the sense of sound)
- Silk scarf
- a few brightly colored ribbons
- tiny boxes ( I would stick an object inside each box for my little guy to find)
- a maraca ( or rattle of some sort)
- A small mirror

Happy exploration!

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