Monday, July 18, 2011

"Shine" on Family Fun Night:

Happy new week to you all, as it is Monday it is time to plan your next Family Fun night for the week. This week's theme is Star Gazing: Have a backyard star gazing night with your family. Whether it is you and your significant other, or you and a house full of kids, simple star gazing is a fuss free way to have fun on a warm summer night. Spread a blanket out and observe the evening sky together!

How to have a night fit for the stars...
            Have a dinner fit for the starts, make grilled sandwiches cut into the shape of stars or 
            if you do not have a star shaped cookie cutter make cut the sandwiches into a circle a.k.a a full
           moon! Serve sandwiches with chicken and stars soup. ( to make your own fallow this recipe)

        * Use dark, construction paper, a white colored pencil, glitter and glue to make your own
          creative version of star finder chart, like the one seen here.
*Learn about the constellation by printing and using this simple star finder chart to spot popular constellations in the night sky.

*  Don't forget to sing Twinkle -Twinkle Little Star!
*  Who really is on the moon? Click here for all the story telling fun!

Feeling really Curious?:
*Satellite Tracking: SpaceWeather has a dirt simple satellite tracker; just enter your zip code, and it spits out what’s passing over that is of interest tonight!

Want to send your kids over the moon? Own a star in the sky, and name it after your family! Find out more by clicking here ( prices start at $14.95 so it's not too expensive but sure to get your kids excited!) In case you are wondering...yes, there is a Buhl family star out there!

* Note: it is never too early to star gaze as a family whether your children are babies, toddlers, or a  happy thought in the future you can all lie under the stars and enjoy the evening sky together!

(I am thinking I need one of these gazing towers!)
 pic via pin

May you all remember to wish upon a star!

*****See last week's  family fun night  here !


  1. SO SO SO SO SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. such a great idea! thanks for commenting on my blog today!

  3. I'm catching up on all your family fun night ideas! I just LOVE them!!