Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fairy School Mother...

Each year, list in hand, you hit the stores to do back to school shopping. What would happen if a Fairy did your back to school shopping?

Image if your children woke up in the morning to find a fairy had been there, the evening before...

fairy dust was trickled here and there..
beautiful packages were sprinkled through out your home, each containing a very useful school item. Art supplies, writing utensils, a new blouse, a few hair clips....all thoughtful trinkets left by the back to school fairy!

 Imagine how magical back to school can be!



  1. Hi Brooke, thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved back-to-school shopping when I was a kid! I'm a new follower now... :)

  2. You are soooo creative!! Thank you for the awesome ideas. Love them.